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COVID-19 update

Tuesday, 24 March 2020

City of London School is a caring and kind community made up of exceptional pupils, parents, staff and Old Citizens. We are proud of how the whole school community is coming together during this difficult and unprecedented time.

We have now moved to a remote teaching model, which allows us to continue our educational provision as pupils access their day-to-day lessons online from home. Since half-term, this model has been adapted to teach Old Grammar (year 6) pupils both in the School building and virtually. We look forward to welcoming our Fourth Form (year 10) and Junior Sixth Form (year 12) pupils in to the building later this month.

New routines have made working remotely a success: pupils and teachers are following an amended timetable to ensure that the right balance is struck to enable the boys to continue to learn whilst also taking into account the amount of screen time, and include a range of projects for the younger year groups. This provision is under ongoing review in consultation with parents and staff. Having completed their exam work, pupils in Fifth Form (year 11) are now embarking on pre-A Level courses, whilst Senior Sixth Form (year 13) pupils are engaged with university preparation and extension tasks. This has provided unexpected opportunities to teach a broader curriculum and for teachers to share some less familiar areas of their expertise. Additionally, there are assessments, Parents’ Evenings and UCAS preparation days scheduled before the end of term.

Activities which are integral to the School Community are continuing online. Days begin as usual with a tutor period and, on certain days each week, an assembly. The physical health of our pupils and staff remains paramount: some pupils have received yoga classes in lieu of PE, and fitness routines have been shared by the PE Department.

Never has the co-curricular life of the School been more important. A hub was launched at the beginning of the Summer Term and this continues to keep the community in touch with one another in challenging times. A weekly podcast has been launched featuring interviews with staff and alumni, there are culinary challenges, musical performances in “The Lockdown Sessions” and “Open Mic”. The weekly pupil newspaper The Citizen is currently The eCitizen and a version of this which was completed online has recently been entered for the Shine Media Awards. Just before half term there was an environment day for all boys in the Fourth Form. There have been virtual school trips and regular lunchtime talks (via Microsoft Teams) from guest speakers, including a number of Old Citizens.

Pastoral care continues to be at the heart of everything we do and during this period of remote learning, it becomes more important than ever for us all. We aim to retain, as far as possible, pastoral provision in order to ensure that pupils’ wellbeing and safety are maintained.

We are very mindful of our responsibility to wider society, and to that end, the library remains open for the children of key frontline staff, whose professional responsibilities prevent them from providing supervision at home.

This is an unprecedented situation for us all of us: we will continue to do all that we can to make the path forward as smooth as possible for our whole community and we are so thankful for everyone pulling together. It really does reflect the School’s vision to always be kind, aware and ready.

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