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Sixth Form pupil makes GeogSoc app

Wednesday, 22 April 2020

Sixth Form pupil, David, has been busy lately. Alongside entering (and winning) the COVID challenge, developing a Geography Society app and his usual schoolwork, David has been working alongside our geography teacher, Mr Davies, to put together a manual to run GeogSoc. 

In the last few weeks, Mr Davies has put together over 100 ideas for a Geography Society in a kind of “manual” that can be used to run GeogSoc. David got in touch and said he was keen to get involved in any projects we may have and so David is currently working on turning this idea into an App. This is a video showing his model so far.

Recently, the Geographical Association advertised for their national Teachmeet at their annual conference (an eConference this year),  and the concept was accepted to present at the conference. 

You can see the manual on their website, where these ideas are, shared in a more user-friendly format with other geography teachers and there has already been some keen interest following it.

Well done on all of the hard work. We are hopeful they will take this into the wider Geography community.

The concept was accepted to present at the Geographical Association conference.
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