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Year 8 'visit' the Natural History Museum

Wednesday, 20 May 2020

Last Friday, Year 8 were treated to a virtual tour of the Natural History Museum.

Thanks to Mr Robinson and the Natural History Museum’s online resources - including soundbites of Sir David Attenborough explaining the Museum’s different features – the year group were able to enjoy a remarkable online trip.

The pupils examined some of the fascinating architecture, before going inside the Hintze Hall, all accompanied by the aforementioned soundbites of Sir David Attenborough who took them through many of the different types of animal within the hall.

Following this, the boys had two fantastic masterclasses, kindly delivered by members of the CLS Teaching Staff - a 'sketching 101' from Mr Sanders, and a poetry breakdown from Miss Green. This was ahead of the creative task that they completed at the butterfly house, through the online collection of butterflies at the museum. 

The pupils then watched a fascinating video about the tank room, where specimens are preserved in spirit, leaving them intact for future generations to see. This was extremely informative and involved a question sheet to test our knowledge of the museum’s specimens.

Following that, the boys explored the Wildlife Photographers of the Year winners and entries. It was absolutely incredible to see the amazing wildlife and photographic skill among the photos.

Finally, to round off the trip, Mr Robinson gave a talk on Natural selection – going ‘all the way’ to the museum, he felt it would be simply rude not to!

Thank you to the teachers who worked so hard to facilitate this trip and to the Natural History Museum.for having such brilliant online resources.

The museum has soundbites of Sir David Attenborough explaining the Museum’s different features.
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