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Wednesday, 24 June 2020

Shortly after lockdown began the Art Department launched a project entitled ‘Inside Outside– A response to the world from within’. We received a wonderful range of submissions from the whole school community, receiving responses from parents, pupils, teachers, and Old Citizens. Each member of the department suggested a different approach to the brief, resulting in a hugely creative and diverse range of artworks.

Responses included: recreations of the great outdoors indoors, where famous landscape paintings were recreated using objects from around the home; encouraging banners; sculptural forms created from household recycling; delivery box theatres based on Frida Kahlo’s work and dress, fusing the surreal and the theatrical; and nature photographs taken in and around the home, (which many boys developed further using their PhotoShopskills to enhance their original compositions).

We have had wonderful feedback from those who took part; Second Former Aaryaman said: "It inspired me to get a creative angle on my life in these trying times". Krystof, Fourth Form, produced a wonderful delivery box theatre, which, upon opening, reveals a bustling Japanese market scene accompanied by an audio recording of a large group of people chatting – a sound that has been absent from our lives in recent weeks. He decided to recreate Japanese market from the 19th century because of his interest in the artists Hiroshige and Hokusai: "I didn’t want to only do a drawing - and I fancied blending the different media. I enjoyed the process thoroughly."

We were particularly excited by the quality and range of entries from boys who will be joining CLS in September; motivational banners reading ‘Comeon I can do this!’,‘Nothing Is Impossible’ and ‘Never give up’, all provided a welcome affirmation, whilst Keyaan's ‘We Need Change’ provides a prompt to consider the events currently taking place in the world and to reflect on how we can make things better. We received over 150 entries, all of which are available to view in the online gallery.

We are delighted with the response - this project is yet another testament to the wealth of creative talent and enthusiasm within the community!

Click here to see all the entries in our online gallery.

We have had wonderful feedback from those who took part.
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