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Fifth Former publishes book on Julia Algorithms

Tuesday, 22 September 2020

Fifth Form pupil, Ahan, spent his summer writing a book, which has since been published and is available to buy online.

Julia is a relatively new programming language that is seeing increasing usage, especially for scientific computing. However, very few people learn it as their first programming language since there are no resources targeting beginners. So, Ahan set out to fill this gap.

In the middle of the summer holidays, he came across a book by William Lau, a secondary school Computer Science teacher, that was written for GCSE Computer Science students and taught them the fundamental concepts of programming. With his permission, Ahan began to re-write the book for the Julia programming language. 

Having learnt the language at eleven, Ahan has been involved with the Julia community for a while and has even presented talks and posters at the annual Julia conference for the past three years. The youngest person to have talked at the conference, you can watch his previous talks here and here

Ahan has been encouraging his peers to give learning the language a go, commenting "I like the Julia language because it is very fast and highly productive. Also, the community is very welcoming to any newcomers. Therefore, I think more people should be using the language, as the community is currently very small."

Congratulations, Ahan. We can't wait to see what you do next! 

Ahan has been encouraging his peers to give learning the language a go.
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