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CLS celebrates Black History Month

Tuesday, 27 October 2020

We have spent October marking Black History Month with a series of events and projects with both pupils and staff. The Co-ordinator for Diversity and Inclusion has been at the forefront of organising the month, which has included biographies of several influential people of African/Caribbean descent presented on the screens dotted around the School building and on Twitter and guest speakers including Amelia Gentleman and Sharna Jackson.

The Levene Learning Centre Library put together a display of books from black authors and books containing black protago­nists, as well as having a section dedi­cated to black writers and their work and the Afro-Caribbean Society organised an assembly about several prosperous pre-colonial civilisations.

Staff had an inset day early in the month on diversity and inclusion in Schools and we are looking forward to continuing our work as a School on embedding our culture of antiracism.

Hopefully, we can be the generation to progress to a society which is equal for all races, and this can be achieved if we learn from the mistakes of the past and celebrate cultures other than our own.

Temi Owolabi, Senior Prefect

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