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Asquith Project Winners Announced

Monday, 30 November 2020

Pupils have been awarded prizes in the inaugural Asquith Project, which took place earlier this year. Designed for pupils to undertake enrichment work in preparation for their A-Levels, the Fifth Form (Year 11) were given a brief to take a single word from a pre-selected few, and shape it into a project they found interesting; a way for them to try something creative and ambitious that they would not otherwise have had the opportunity to do so. The prompts included power, errors, landscape, unbalanced and miscommunication, and pupils were encouraged to work in a range of forms: podcasts, compositions (musical and literary), computer programmes, films and art portfolios.

We received over eighty projects, both by individuals and groups, covering a range of prompts, subjects and forms. The quality of the projects was excellent and it was an extremely hard job to narrow them down to just a few winners.

Eleven out of the eighty projects won prizes, and a number of projects were highly commended or commended. The winning projects included a Cookbook based on Travel by Adam, A Music cover of Miles Davies by Tife, Landscape Photography by Adam and a Virtual Robot Tournament by Amos and Asad.

A way for them to try something creative and ambitious.
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