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Sixth Form pupils help administer Covid-19 vaccine

Friday, 08 January 2021

During the Christmas break, three Junior Sixth Form pupils spent their holiday administering the Covid-19 vaccine.

Gavriel, Benjamin and Henry started at the end of December at St Charles Hospital, the first-ever Nightingale Hospital, which was built for the Spanish Flu. Gavriel was able to do three full days of online learning to be a Health Care Assistant, as well as completing specific Covid-19 vaccination modules. He then attended a further day’s face to face intramuscular injection training and was formally trained up as an NHS vaccinator for Covid-19. He was therefore ready and able to support in this effort.  

Benjamin and Henry took on the roles of administrators for a variety of different doctors who had volunteered to help with the programme, whilst Gavriel was able to vaccinate as many patients as he could.

The feedback about the trio was truly inspiring with a consultant telling one of them that despite the pandemic he will make a plan for him to have further work experience at GOSH.

The pupils worked tirelessly during their break; truly embracing the core CLS values of being Kind, Ready and Aware. 

We're extremely proud of their efforts. 

The feedback about the trio was truly inspiring.
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