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Pupils meet with Lord Mayor

Wednesday, 24 February 2021

In March last year, Sixth Form pupil, Raphael, was elected as a Member of the Youth Parliament (MYP) for the City of London. In this role, he is responsible for championing young people’s issues both locally within the City of London, regionally via the London Youth Assembly, and nationally in conjunction with the British Youth Council. He works alongside Year 11 pupil, Aiden, who is the Deputy MYP.

During the summer holiday, Raphael helped to coordinate a campaign, together with other London MYPs, in response to the proposal that the Government would discontinue the Zip Card (discounted travel card for young people in London on public transport). They called the campaign #DontZapTheZip and they held briefings with journalists, London Mayor Candidates as well as London Mayor Sadiq Khan. The decision to keep the Zip Card was made in time for a return to school in September 2020!

In his manifesto to become an MYP, he had decided to promote and raise awareness about the importance of living a healthy life Healthy living – including the food we eat, regular exercise and looking after our mental health – is a broad, but vitally important, topic area.

Coordinating the campaign together with the City Youth Forum, the pupils enjoyed a successful start in October, when they ran a Healthy Living Week; a large number of young people, both pupils and residents in the City, participated in their daily challenges such as “move more” and “eat more wholegrains”. Some of the participants even made long-term changes in their diet such as swapping sugary cereals for granola at breakfast.

The pupils were honoured that the Lord Mayor William Russell and Policy Chair Catherine McGuinness took the time to meet with them last Friday, during half term, to hear about their roles, their views and the campaigns.

During the meeting, they spoke about their respective roles and updated the Lord Mayor on the success of the first phase of the healthy living campaign and the next phase that is launching shortly. The pupils also had the opportunity to pose questions to the Lord Mayor and the Policy Chair; they provided them with some inspirational insights in topics ranging from overcoming barriers to how to be successful in their chosen fields. The Lord Mayor even invited the pupils to meet them in person when it is safe to do so.

We can't wait to see what Raphael and Aiden do next.

The Lord Mayor even invited the pupils to meet them in person when it is safe to do so.
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