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CLS hosts MediCon 2021

Tuesday, 09 March 2021

The CLS medical society recently hosted the medical conference ‘Medicon’ and was attended virtually by over 150 aspiring medics.

The speakers were a range of CLS alumni at different stages in their medical career from, first-year university students to experienced surgeons. The benefit of the event being online meant that people from across Europe were about to join the meeting.

The first speakers were last year's Senior Prefects, Michalet and Pulkit, who are studying medicine at UCL and Nottingham and gave a detailed insight into the application process. They gave useful tips regarding how pupils should apply to study medicine and what to expect along the process.

Speaking next was another Head Boy and CLS alumni from 2019, Rahul, who is in his second year at Cambridge. He discussed his time at Cambridge and shared his extensive knowledge about university life. He spoke about the differences in teaching styles at different universities and about how the Cambridge medical course is structured. Following Rahul was Junior Doctor, Leo, from the class of 2014. He told the pupils about the transition from university to Junior Doctor. This involved situational judgement testing which gave into rankings to determine his placements for his two-year spell as a Junior Doctor. Leo also told the pupils about how he lives life as a Junior Doctor and gave useful tips and interesting information about the job.

Following a short interval, the conference restarted with Debayan from the class of 2010. He is now specialising to be a neurosurgeon and gave an insight into the transition from Junior Doctor to specialist. He then moved the talk onto looking at factors to consider before specialising and what a typical day looks like, finishing his section of the talk with a fascinating look at the future of neurosurgery and the possible developments.

Finally, Niaz from the class of 1990, and currently an ophthalmologist, spoke about his career in medicine in an excellent Q&A with Paras. He spoke about his daily work and how Covid-19 has affected it. Niaz concluded his talk by speaking about the future of the medical profession.

Thank you to the CLS medical society and the other 150 people who attended and donated to switchback. 

The event was running for the School’s incredible charity ‘Switchback’ and raised the best part of £500.
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