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Young Film Academy Film Making Workshop

Friday, 18 June 2021

Last week, Year 7 participated in an entertaining workshop hosted by the Young Film Academy, where they were introduced to the history and development of filmmaking first-hand.

During the day, they studied the key aspects that go into making a movie and examined renowned filmmakers, observing some of their most successful films. The Young Film Academy's One Day Film School taught the pupils about different special effects utilized by filmmakers, such as adding milk to water to make it visible on screen! 

In groups of ten, the pupils wrote and produced their own silent shorts. Each group appointed a director, a cameraman, actors and was given a different premise for their film. Topics ranged from a failed love story to a ruthless kidnapping. Each group devised a story, wrote a script, and then shot and edited their own movie. It was fantastic to see everyone working together to produce some cinematic masterpieces. 

The day culminated with a screening in Great Hall, where the finest films were selected and groups were presented with an Oscar!

Thank you to the Young Film Academy for a wonderful experience!

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