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CLS Brightens up Blackfriars

Friday, 06 January 2017

24 Third Form Art students currently have their art work displayed across the Foreshore Hoardings underneath Blackfriars Bridge. Tideway - the company building the Thames Tideway Tunnel to help tackle sewage overflows into the River Thames - have commissioned artist Joy Gerrard to produce a piece surrounding works to relocate Blackfriars Pier ahead of construction of the ‘super sewer’.

To produce a temporary hoarding, Joy has worked with Third from City boys to produce a dynamic piece entitled tunnel/map/draw, which responds to the ebbs and flows of the Thames in an exciting and creative way.

Joy held many intense workshops with the boys across the summer term where they interpreted the brief by dividing themselves into 2 groups of 12 to look at different themes; one Mapping and Design, the other, Control of Liquids. Both groups created ‘mental’ maps by taking walks around the Thames, visiting the Tate Modern to look at abstracts and getting inspiration from the fantastic views from the roof of the School.

The boys and Joy built models and containers to imagine how water works in urban spaces and to think through the engineering ideas of design and flow in order to enhance the public realm with art. Once the boys finished their pieces, joy was able to curate them into one piece of artwork which has been printed on the 36 metre hoardings.

The piece will be on display until February 2017 so make sure you make it down there before then to have a look.

Tunnel/map/draw responds to the ebbs and flows of the Thames in an exciting and creative way.
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