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Project Rousseau comes to City

Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Last week, CLS hosted six American teenagers on a cultural exchange facilitated by the educational charity ‘Project Rousseau’. The students, none of whom had ever been to the UK before, visited for ten days and stayed with host families. The trip included two days of following a CLS timetable and experiencing lessons in a variety of subjects – one boy was left rather perplexed coming out of double Russian. In addition, the group visited London’s central landmarks and had the chance to watch a play in the West End and sit in on a parliamentary session in the House of Commons. With the talk of the Sixth Form Common Room largely revolving around Oxbridge results, they also went to Oxford to see what all the fuss was about.

The exchange marked the start of City’s relationship with Project Rousseau, a charity with a mission ‘to empower youth in communities with the greatest need to reach their full potential and pursue higher education.’ Project Rousseau works with students from families with an average income of $10,000 in order to facilitate their academic achievement and future prospects. The trip to London is one of many similar schemes aimed at exposing the students to new experiences and opportunities in order to broaden their horizons.

The visit ended with a farewell dinner on Wednesday night, the first such event held in the renovated library (so much for the ‘no food’ rule). At the end of the evening, each student stood up to give their reflections on their London experience, and the feedback demonstrated the unanimous admiration held for the school. Students commented on the respect shown in both directions between teachers and students, the level of engagement in each class and the self-motivation and aspiration evident throughout the school. This was compared to the challenging conditions typical of their own schools which do not facilitate progress or achievement in the same way. Whilst this should serve to show us what an excellent working environment CLS provides, we should equally be reminded of the many problems faced by students, schools and communities around the world, demonstrating the importance of City’s international partnerships and its unceasing dedication to supporting those less fortunate.

To learn more about Project Rousseau click here

The exchange marked the start of City’s relationship with Project Rousseau.
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