Ark Bentworth Primary Academy

The partnership between City of London School and Ark Bentworth Primary Academy is now in its fifth year. For those five years, City has worked closely with Ark Bentworth to support their school development and to offer enrichment activities to their pupils.

This year, City teachers in English, French, PE and Science have worked with pupils and staff at Bentworth. Their work has included introductory French lessons, storytelling and use of both laboratories and sports facilities here at City. Of particular note is the structural support that Jono Santry, Head of Games at City, has provided to assist with improving PE provision at Bentworth. City of London School continues to provide a member of the SMT to sit on their Governing Board. In conjunction with his work at City of London School, Joe Silvester is the governor with responsibility for teaching and assessment. Responsibility for this and his liaising with the Deputy there about Teacher Development are good examples of the reciprocal nature of the partnership and the way in which both institutions can benefit from the partnership.

Previously teachers in Maths, English, Science, MFL, Art and Philosophy have contributed. Activities have included Art and Science trips, access to educational resources made available through the Tate Modern, public speaking workshops, critical thinking and philosophical skills, and a week-long programme of Maths enrichment.

This year, CLS teachers in English, French, PE and Science have worked with pupils and staff at Bentworth.

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