The Tech Team at CLS

I joined CLS in Third Form and got involved with the Drama Tech Team after Fresher’s Fair. I had heard about the Tech Team beforehand from a friend of mine, already at CLS, who thought I would enjoy it. He was right, I had always enjoyed the theatrical environment but was never brave enough to join a play. The Tech Team has afforded me an opportunity to be involved in theatre without having to be on stage.

The Tech Team are a group of pupils , Third Form and above, who provide the lighting, sound, multimedia (projections) and occasional pyrotechnic effects for all the School’s drama productions and exam pieces. We are headed up by the Senior Theatre Technician who is brilliant at encouraging people to learn independently, allowing them to discover and do things for themselves whilst being there to help when they need support.

Soon after joining, I was offered the chance to train to become the next Stage Manager, the person responsible for coordinating the other members of the Tech Team and cueing all the effects for a show. One year later I became the full-time stage manager and have successfully been so for the last three plays (a year’s worth).

One of the things that I have learnt from this club is the importance of team work. All members have to work together and support each other for a play to succeed. For example, if someone makes a mistake during a play, such as putting a follow spot on the wrong actor, the person at the lighting desk would then turn the follow spot off to cover his mistake. The rest of the team would tell the operator not to worry and to focus on his next job, giving him the confidence to continue. It is of course a lot of fun joking around with the other members of Tech Team, but for me, the most rewarding experience to be taken away is the feeling of exhilaration and achievement when you finish a play and know you have gotten all your cues right. Being part of this team has given me the confidence to try new things and make mistakes as well as the resilience needed to come back from any mishaps.

The Tech Team has afforded me an opportunity to be involved in theatre without having to be on stage.