Community Service Programme

As part of our commitment to awareness, we seek to nurture a deep-seated sense of social responsibility. Our pupils know that there are others less fortunate than they are and strive to make a positive difference at school and beyond.

Many boys are heavily involved with the School's commitment to community work, whether that be the School or wider community. Junior Sixth Form boys and selected Fourth Form boys are reliable and conscientious mentors to the younger boys at CLS, helping them develop into independent and confident learners in the subjects in which the younger mentees feel they need some extra support. Other Fourth Form boys give generously of their time and effort in projects local to them: tennis and cricket after-school groups, volunteering at local libraries and charity shops, helping out at local places of worship and social centres or teaching new musical or linguistic skills to individuals in their communities.

Every year, the CSO programme has approximately 60 Junior Sixth and 80 Fourth Form boys following a very similar programme, but with the exciting addition of fostering links with significant social action groups and community centres local to the School. We have worked with WE Schools in tandem with Save the Children to identify and plan social actions that will raise awareness of issues central to the pupils' experiences. In a similar vein, the boys have worked with Transport for London to help make the pupil body's journey to and from School a safer and more enjoyable experience. Also successful has been the Green Schools Project, a social action group comprised of boys and a student mentor that meets to discuss and implement ways of CLS being a more environmentally-aware and sound school.The School continues its fruitful partnership with the Salmon Centre in Bermondsey (helping the centre run its excellent co-curricular programme of sports and music) and Maggie’s Cancer Centre (supporting their work in offering free practical, emotional and social support to people with cancer and their families and friends). Finally, large numbers of boys have played an active role in our partnership and outreach work with IntoUniversity, City of London Virtual School, Project Rousseau and Ark Bentworth. 

Through all these opportunities for voluntary service, our pupils develop and understanding of the responsibilities they have to society. They also receive, in return, social and physical health benefits for themselves which stand them in good stead for their life after CLS.

CLS pupils have an opportunity to not only give back to and help their local community but also receive, in return, social and physical health benefits for themselves.