The Extended Project

The Extended Project (EP) is available for boys to pursue in the first year of their Sixth Form study. Introduced for the first time at CLS in 2015, the aim of the EP is to give students the opportunity to develop critical, reflective, problem-solving and independent learning skills through the planning, research and evaluation of a self-selected project.

Great variety in outcome is provided by the EP with students being able to choose one of four options: a dissertation, an investigation, a performance or an artefact. Free from the constraints of the traditional curriculum, one of the great things supervising the EP is the great breadth of projects that boys have chosen to research, from dissertations analysing the state of American democracy, investigations evaluating the properties of various bacteria, the scripting and directing of a Japanese film, to finally building a computer. Some of the resulting projects have been truly outstanding and can be viewed upon visiting the school.

Lessons are conducted in a seminar style, with students developing research skills and their reflective thinking. Much use is made of the new library, and the wealth of resources that CLS has to offer thoroughly enriches the whole experience. The benefits of the EP are manifold: students pursue their interest in and further their knowledge of a particular topic area; students acquire invaluable skills that will be of benefit at university; finally, it helps foster an independent approach to learning.

Some of the projects have been truly outstanding and can be viewed upon visiting the school.

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