Despite the particular challenges that 2020 has provided, we are delighted to have both maintained existing partnerships and developed new ones.

We are proud to continue our partnership with IntoUniversity, winner of the 2019 Lord Mayor’s Dragon Awards Community Partners Award. IntoUniversity is an organisation which supports young people from disadvantaged backgrounds to achieve their aspirations of university study or other ambitions through a structured and innovative programme academic support and mentoring in local centres.

Over 20 Junior Sixth Form pupils volunteered at IntoUniversity centres for an average of two hours per week after school, providing academic mentoring at IntoUniversity centres including Kennington and Islington. Oscar (Senior Sixth Form) commented on the skills of “kindness, clarity and understanding” as part of the personal benefits gained as a result of volunteering with IntoUniversity.

This year, in the absence of physical volunteering, we are continuing our relationship with IntoUniversity, sharing their work and the impact it has had on CLS pupils via an assembly with the Junior Sixth Form, and developing a virtual mentoring model in which pupils develop focused and targeted academic support resources which are shared with pupils at IntoUniversity. 30 pupils are involved in this venture. IntoUniversity continues to make use of our facilities for events.

Since 2017, 59 pupils from
CLS have volunteered for
In 2020, 21 Junior Sixth Form
pupils volunteered an average
of two hours per week in 8 of
IntoUniversity’s centres.