My time at City

After coming back from university to attend Prize Day, I started to think about my lasting impressions and best memories of the school. In terms of my academic studies, studying for my physics A Level was one of my best experiences at the school. I was in a small class of ten which was perfect for having a great class dynamic, as well as getting on really well with my physics teachers and being able to ask for their help with anything, even if it wasn’t strictly physics related. I am now studying for an MEng in Ship Science at the University of Southampton. Unusually for an engineering student, I also did an A Level in Government and Politics. I really enjoyed this as it allowed me to study a broad range of subjects and keep up with current events, as well as helping me learn different skills such as essay writing and structuring arguments.

City is an excellent school academically, and I have no doubt that I would not be where I am today if it weren’t for the excellent education I received there. However, what really set the school apart and made it perfect for me was the vast range of extra-curricular activities. I took part in School Parliament, volunteered in the John Carpenter Bookshop, and took saxophone lessons.

The two largest extra-curricular activities in my life at City were taking part in CCF and the Theatre Tech Team. I joined CCF in Third Form as a new recruit in the Royal Navy section, and continued it until I left at the end of Senior Sixth Form. As part of the Navy section, I’ve been sailing, powerboating, kayaking, and windsurfing, as well as going on courses in leadership, firefighting, and damage control (saving a sinking ship). After I was promoted to Petty Officer in my final year, it became my responsibility, along with the other Senior Sixth Form Navy cadets, to train up the new intake of Third Formers. I also spent a lot of my time in the theatre as part of the Tech Team. I joined in Fourth Form, and worked my way up from general helping backstage to rigging, programming, and operating the lights for school productions as well as GCSE and A Level performances. Again, I also enjoyed training up and passing my skills onto boys in the younger years. Finally, right at the end of my last year, I played a key part in developing, filming, and editing the School Prospectus Video in conjunction with the Young Film Academy, which was an amazing way to finish off my career at City.

What makes City such a fantastic place is not just the excellent education you receive, it is the ability to receive that education whilst also taking part in the wide range of extra-curricular activities on offer, and have an incredible time while you learn.

I played a key part in developing, filming, and editing the School Prospectus Video which was an amazing way to finish off my career at City.