Recording Sting's 'Fragile' in a legendary setting

Since taking on the development of Jazz studies at City, taking a group of students to a professional recording studio was always something to aim for. In the spring of 2015 the boys were finally ready for this unique challenge. Two ensembles prepared for this; Jazz Orchestra and Jazz Quintet, the latter recording original arrangements. Writing arrangements specifically for the boys allowed us to really engage with the material and the rehearsal process became incredibly creative.

The recording session itself comprised of two days at Peter Gabriel’s Real World Studios. The first day saw an intense 9 hour session with Jazz Orchestra recording 8 numbers followed by an evening of preparation with Jazz Quintet. The following day was split into 7 hours of recording Jazz Quintet and then several hours of initial mixing. The boys' managed to be back in School as normal first thing Monday morning, despite a late return.

Working with professional sound engineers, as well as working musicians, was an incredibly valuable experience for the boys, and their dedication and creativity can clearly be seen in our version of Sting’s Fragile.

  • Musical Director/Arranger/Piano: John Harrison
  • Kit/Percussion: Matt McDonough
  • Vocals: Freddy MacBruce
  • Bass: Sam Glass
  • Sax: Adam Husain