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Every year, two dramatically minded Senior Sixth Form students are given free reign of the Winterflood Theatre to choose, cast and direct a play for all to see during the Spring Term. In previous years we’ve had students direct Macbeth, Arcadia and a chronicle of the life of the philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein. More recently we had an adaptation of the seminal 50s film 'The Ladykillers'. A story of five mismatched criminals trying to rob a security van using a plan that relies on the daily routine of an old woman they are lodging. I had the benefit of playing a manic professor in that particular production. The opportunity to develop our own creative vision whilst being given some more practical guidance was a fun, challenging and enriching experience. It was a frantic few months, filled with line learning, script cutting and detailed blocking of the high pace farcical action but it was all worth it in the end. In March, we gave three (mostly) slick performances which left us sweaty, exhausted and (for some of us) covered in fake blood. Even though I had been in six plays during my time at CLS, I can say that I had never had an experience quite like the frenzied fun of my first Student Production.

However, that was all last year. This year it is my turn to team up with another one of the dramatically minded and don the director’s hat. We have just begun preparing to put on a production of ‘Rhinoceros’- a play about a French town whose inhabitants slowly turn into rhinoceroses; although most of the townspeople seem unfazed by the prospect, one slovenly man begins to think he is the only sane person around as all his friends casually decide to change species. It's an absurd play with much wit, tension and politics hiding beneath its intriguing premise. Audition posters are up, the script is cut and we cannot wait to start the frenzied fun all over again.

I had never had an experience quite like the frenzied fun of my first Student Production,

Student Production of Rhinoceros

Rhinocerous - produced and directed by Sixth Form students Jack and Jake
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