The City of London School community extends its deepest sympathy to the loved ones of recently deceased Old Citizens and friends. Alongside the obituaries below, please also see this list of Old Citizens who have passed away.

To submit an obituary please send an email to Kate Wallace, Alumni Engagement Officer at

Lockwood, John Gordon (Class of 1940)

We were sorry to learn of the recent passing of John Gordon Lockwood (Class of 1940). With thanks to John's grandson, Christian Lockwood for this obituary.

Thompson,Geoff (Class of 1952)

We were sorry to hear about the passing of Geoff Thompson. With thanks to Geoff's son, Andrew for this obituary

Read, Michael (Class of 1950)

We were sorry to hear of Michael's passing in January 2022. With thanks to his son, Jérôme (Class of 1986) for this obituary.

Thomas, Eric (Class of 1962)

We were sorry to hear of Eric's passing in May 2021. With thanks to his wife Judy for this obituary.

Mutter, Richard (Class of 1982)

We were sorry to hear of Richard's passing in August 2021. With thanks to David Abbott (Class of 1977) for this obituary.


Millbourn, John Adrian (Staff 1974-1993)

Former staff member John Millbourn passed away in June 2021, With thanks to John's son, David and the valete written by Mr Keates on John's retirement in 1993 for this obituary

Coulson, Peter Henry (Staff 1965-1988)

We were sorry to hear that Peter Coulson, former Head of English passed away in October 2021. With thanks to Dan Rebellato (Class of 1986) for this obituary.
Picture: Peter Coulson re-directing his CLS production of King Lear for the 1975 Edinburgh Fringe (Photo © Simon Cooper)

Stockton, Vernon Nevile (Class of 1945)

We were sorry to hear of the passing of Vernon Neville Stockton (Class of 1945) on 20 June 2021. With thanks to Mark Stockton (Class of 1976) and the Stockton family for this obituary

Judd, Lord Frank Ashcroft (Class of 1953)

We were sorry to learn of Frank's passing on 18 April 2021. Frank was a great friend to the School, many thanks to his friend Malcolm Cooke (Class of 1953), for this obituary

Lewis, Dr John Christopher Michael (Class of 1971)

We were sorry to learn of John's passing in December 2020. With thanks to Mark Signy (Class of 1971) and John's wife, Allie, for this obituary.

Reardon, Roy (Staff 1973-2008)

We were sorry to learn of the passing of Roy Reardon, a wonderful teacher, and a cherished colleague. Roy taught German and French at CLS from 1973 until 2008 and was Head of Modern Languages between 1982 and 2003. Roy leaves his wife,Joan, and his children Kate, Sarah and John (Class of 2005). Roy's valete can be found here.

Ormsby-Lennon, Hugh (Class of 1966)

We were sad to learn of Hugh's passing, late in 2020. With thanks to John Emerson (Class of 1967) for this obituary.