Neil Farrell (Class of 1970)

Neil was born in South London and came to CLS in 1963. He was in Mortimer.

He played Fives and Rugby and swam throughout his time at school, and also won prizes.

His career began in his father’s business, which was a large-scale painting and decorating contracting concern. He worked with major organisations: theatres, hotels - notably The Berkeley and Savoy Groups – and took the business over when his father retired.

He met Jenny in his thirties, and, after they married, he moved into the same business she had run successfully. He became a print broker and latterly also undertook surveys.

Neil’s principal interests throughout his life were music and Freemasonry.

An active member of several of the orders within the umbrella of masonry, he was Master of the CLS Old Boys’ Lodge, John Carpenter, and its associated Royal Arch Chapter, and a senior Surrey mason.

He was a kindly and generous man, devoted to his adopted family, and easy-going.

Two hundred or so gathered for his funeral in Wallington in November last year, many of them Old Cits.  Neil died young and will be sadly missed by his many friends.