The City of London School community extends its deepest sympathy to the loved ones of recently deceased Old Citizens and friends. Alongside the obituaries below, please also see this list of Old Citizens who have passed away.

To submit an obituary please send an email to Kate Wallace, Alumni Engagement Officer at

Farrell, Neil (Class of 1970)

We were sorry to hear of Neil's passing. With thanks to John Emerson (Class of 1967) and Neil's wife Jenny for this obituary.

Ellis, Martin John (Class of 1961)

We were sorry to learn of Martin's passing in January 2020. With thanks to his wife, Miriam for this obituary.

Petersen, Dr Mark Erik Victor (Class of 1979)

We were sad to learn of the passing of Mark Petersen, in late 2019. With thanks to Mark's wife, Victoria, and Mark Signy (Class of 1971) for this obituary.

Garrod, Christopher John (Class of 1971)

We were sad to hear of Christopher John Garrod, Class of 1971 passing in late summer 2019. Read his obituary from his daughter, Dr Harriet Garrod.

Metliss, Geoffrey (Class of 1947)

We were sorry to hear of the passing of Geoffrey Metliss on 9 February 2020. Read more

Iliffe, John Kenneth (Class of 1948)

We were sad to learn of the passing of John Kenneth Iliffe on 16 February 2020. Read more

Lacamp, P.F (Class of 1959)

We were sorry to hear about the passing of Philippe 'Pip' Lacamp in 2019. With thanks to John Copping (Class of 1959) and Pip's son Philippe for their contribution to this obituary.

Courtney, Ian (Class of 1971)

We were sad to learn of Ian Courtney's passing earlier this year. Ian was the last in a long line of Courtneys to attend CLS. Read More.

Davies, Robert Emlyn (Class of 1960)

We were sad to learn of Robert Emlyn Davies passing in 2018. Read More.

Davis, Stanley (Class of 1951)

We were sad to learn of Stanley Davis's passing earlier this year. Stanley qualified as an accountant before joining his parents in their catering business. Read More.

Gold, George "Anthony" (Class of 1951

We were sad to learn of Anthony Gold's passing on 8 January 2020.

Goldstein, Jonathan (Class of 1986)

We were sad to see the wide ranging media converage of the death of Jonathan Goldstein and his family, Hannah and Saskia. Read More.