The only School to have an Honours Board for the Head of the Charity Committee, but not for the Head Boy?

At CLS, we are proud to run what is consistently the most successful annual school charity appeal in the country, raising sums which are regularly in excess of £50,000 and with a record of £84,000.

These numbers speak for themselves and our appeal is unique in several other ways.

Firstly, the appeal is run by the boys themselves. Each year, a Committee of around 35 boys in Junior Sixth is appointed to organise events and keep account of the money raised. Fundraising, however, is undertaken by all boys and trophies for the most successful form and individual fundraisers are offered as incentives. Our appeal gives excellent organisational experience for those on the Committee, and imbues all our boys with a sense of social responsibility.

Secondly, the charities to which the money is donated are chosen entirely democratically. One charity is proposed in each category of humanitarian aid, international development, local, and health-related charities. After a week of intense campaigning, all boys and teachers each receive one vote and a new group of charities is chosen. This process encourages the boys to think about the issues that they are most passionate about and to engage in careful consideration regarding a wide range of causes.

We ensure that the chosen charity’s message is shared strongly with the boys at all events and we invite representatives from the charity to deliver assemblies in order that everyone has a clear idea of the importance of the issues being addressed and of the ways in which the money we raise is being used. Where possible, we have also had boys visiting projects of the charities we support, reporting back about their experiences to the rest of the school to further impart this message.

Types of fundraising events the School hosts:

  • Sponsored Walk
    All boys participate in this 11-mile walk along the Thames in the Summer Term.
  • Winter/Summer Fayre
    Each form sets up a stand to raise money and the whole School attends.
  • £10 Challenge
    Boys in OG and First Form have a month in which they are to make as much as they can from £10 which they are given.
  • UniverCity Challenge
    Teachers go head-to-head representing their universities in front of an audience of expectant boys, with all ticket proceeds going towards the appeal. Other ticketed events have included ‘City’s Got Talent’, ‘Teacher Sumo Wrestling’ and ‘The CLX Factor’.
  • Sponsored Row
    Boys in the Upper School row on rowing machines in shifts non-stop for 48 hours during the last week of the Summer term, sleeping in School and collecting thousands from passers-by on the neighbouring Millennium Bridge approach.
  • Form Events
    Individual forms organise regular events, such as cake sales, sponsored events, and raffles.
  • Quiz
    Parents and teachers are invited to the annual quiz, at which there is a raffle in aid of the Charity Appeal.
  • Wine-tasting
    The Committee organises an annual wine-tasting fundraiser for parents and teachers.
  • Jazz Evening
    An auction and raffle are held at the annual Jazz Evening, at which various bands and ensembles play, organised by the Committee and the Music Department.
  • Ceilidh
    Parents and teachers are invited to this highly entertaining evening of traditional Scottish music and dancing, in aid of the Charity Appeal.
  • Busking
    Individual boys and ensembles take turns to busk outside the School and in nearby tube stations, collecting money from commuters.
  • Individually Organised Events
    Every year a number of boys decide to organise their own event for the School’s appeal, previously including marathons and skydives.
Ours is a School founded on a donation and with charity and generosity woven into its very fabric.