Happiness, success and curiosity

Co-curricular provision at City of London School is exceptional and forms an essential part of the way in which we seek to develop and strengthen our aims and values. There is a strong emphasis on broad participation, but we are also uniquely well resourced to cater for the very best.

Sport, music, drama, the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme and CCF, community service and charity fund-raising form the basis of our co-curricular programme.

The School boasts an extraordinary array of Clubs and Societies, which cater for every interest. At lunchtimes, classrooms and lecture venues are packed with pupils pursuing their varied passions and listening to talks from internationally renowned experts.

Great effort is made to exploit our location and the ease with which museums, art galleries, theatres and academic institutions can be visited is truly unique. Pupils are also offered the opportunity to travel the world on an impressive range of educational trips – this forms part of our commitment to developing culturally and socially aware young adults.


  • Happiness
    The enjoyment and fun which the pupils derive from the diverse co-curricular programme contributes enormously to their well-being. It is no accident that City of London School is such a happy place.

  • Success in life
    We recognise that this is determined by more than simply outstanding academic results and therefore we provide a myriad of opportunities, outside the formal curriculum, to allow pupils to develop the appropriate mind-set, qualities and skills to prosper in life.

  • Academic curiosity
    A wealth of opportunities exist to encourage pupils, right from the off, to develop a deep and profound interest in their academic studies. An integral part of the co-curricular philosophy at CLS is to imbue in the pupils a desire to learn more.
An exciting programme of co-curricular opportunities develop aspiration, confidence, independence of thinking, resilience, courtesy and generosity.

Combined Cadet Force

Army, Navy & RAF
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Duke of Edinburgh

From trips to the New Forest to being self reliant in the Breacon Beacons
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Community Service Programme

CLS is dedicated to contributing to the wider community
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School Trips

Trips making CLS pupils into Global Citizens
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