School Trips

Cuba, Nepal, Ecuador. Relatively unknown on the world map, yet these are all recent destinations for CLS boys on the incredible programme of trips offered by the various departments within the School. With the Geography department offering its flagship Expedition each year, and departments such as Modern Languages organising European exchanges and homestays, there are incredible opportunities available for every City boy.

Over the 8 years at the school, boys are able to benefit from wonderful experiences such as taking a night train in Vietnam, riding on a camel in India and baking Canelés in France, that would not necessarily be part of a traditional family holiday. Character building trips like these, not only create long lasting friendships but also return you to the classroom renewed, reinvigorated and with a broadened knowledge of other cultures and ways of life.

It’s thanks to this diverse program of trips and visits that CLS makes its pupils so world wise - truly global Citizens.

Cuba, Nepal, Ecuador, all recent destinations for CLS boys.