In one direction the Globe, in the other, the West End

Drama teaches creativity, self-discipline, and collective responsibility. It also develops quick thinking, adaptability, and provides areas of achievement, self-esteem and aspiration that are not always available to pupils through other areas of School life.

Pupils have the opportunity to work independently and as part of a team in varied activities, contributing to the development of core skills such as reading, writing and speaking. Drama at CLS develops interpersonal relationships and helps pupils to understand and value their own experiences and achievements, as well as those of others.

Drama is vibrant and inclusive. Whether it is through House competitions, LAMDA, or participation in one of the School's high-quality musical or more serious drama productions, pupils are drawn into engagement in activities that develop their own sense of themselves and their ability to interact with others.


We want to stimulate, develop and maintain lasting pupil curiosity.

Winterflood Theatre

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Our Drama Productions

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A taste for the dramatic

Alumnus, Nikhil, talks about his involvement with the Drama Department
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Enrichment for the pupils and for the School
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