Winterflood Theatre

Since 2008, our pupils have had the great pleasure of performing and rehearsing drama in our dedicated and high-spec auditorium, The Winterflood Theatre.

The theatre, named in honour of the theatre's principle sponsor and CLS benefactor Mr Brian Winterflood, is a 170-seat space with enough audio and lighting rigs to make some professional theatres jealous.

The space is designed to accommodate a large audience (with 3 rows of balcony seats in addition to the stalls) and enables a variety of different stage configurations. The lighting systems suspended from a tension wire grid, also increase flexibility and enable more pupils to develop essential behind the scenes technical skills.

The theatre is used daily by pupils at the School and is also made available to local primaries within the City of London and in neighbouring Tower Hamlets. 


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A 170-seat space with audio and lighting rigs enough to make some professional theatres jealous.