A happy mind in a healthy body

Adolescence is not always an easy time and living in a fast-paced, competitive, affluent urban world brings its own problems. CLS does not shy away from the challenges of the changing world and encourages a culture of openness and honesty about the complexities of growing up.

CLS provides a safe, respectful and thoughtful place for boys to explore, learn and make mistakes in relation to themselves and others, guided by experienced teachers.

We foster resilience, respect, compassion, empathy, courage, adaptability and commitment.

How do we achieve this?

  • The boys are looked after by their form tutor, whom they see every morning and afternoon at registration. The form tutor delivers some elements of the PSHE programme but mainly assists the boys with day-to-day development – from communicating effectively with peers, learning to negotiate conflict to improving organisational skills, and developing good work habits.
  • The form tutor is the boys and parents’ first port of call for any problems. The tutors know the boys extremely well and are adept in dealing with their issues, whether it is a lost pen, or an issue of pastoral or academic concern. Form time is a dynamic twenty minute period where a stroll from form room to form room will reveal fast paced games of chess, poetry competitions, fierce debate about newspaper articles, and discussions ranging from football to sexual identity and consent.
  • In addition to the tutors we have a Head of Year and a Deputy Head of Year who oversee the pastoral programme for their year group. We also have a nurse and two counsellors.
  • We provide talks for pupils and parents on a variety of issues such as mental health, anorexia, technology addiction, drugs and alcohol. We also have a Parents’ Forum to explore and discuss the issues facing young people. The Parents' Forum provides a space for parents to debate and share experience of their own challenges as well as providing expert advice from professionals.
  • We are working with Dr Richard Graham (Nightingale Hospital and Tavistock & Portman NHS Trust) on the controversial area of technology addiction. We are aware of the huge benefits of technology and the potential to aid learning that it provides, but we are also aware of the challenges that technology poses – the pervasive nature of social media, cyber-bullying and the hyper-stimulation of gaming. We are working with Dr Graham and contributing to research in this area so that we can make sure we are enabling boys and parents to make informed decisions about technology use.
CLS provides a safe, respectful and thoughtful place for boys to explore, discuss & learn.

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