How can we show you what life at CLS is like?

Ask the pupils to make a film about it!

Working alongside the Young Film Academy, pupils have been involved in all aspects of the film's production, from initial brainstorming of ideas, storyboarding, casting and filming, through to editing the final cut of the film. They met each week to hone down their ideas of what they wanted the film to be, with the aim to help potential future pupils and their families decide whether City of London School is right for them.

On the filming days, pupils were split into three camera and production crews, and given two days to put their plans into action. They worked tirelessly and you can get a sense of this in the accompanying 'Behind the Scenes', shot by a group of Sixth Form pupils.

We hope you enjoy watching the new films as much as we enjoyed making them, and that they give you an authentic sense of what life at CLS is really like.