City of London School and Me

Coming from a low-income background, a school like City might not have been an option for me at all. Having spent four years in a local state primary school, there were times I felt unstimulated or out of place. As soon as I visited City on an open day, I knew I’d found my place.

I honestly feel that I would be a very different person to who I am today, had I not received a bursary and been given the opportunity to make City my home. Thanks to the generosity of the Bursary Fund, any inquisitive boy like me could get an amazing education with endless opportunities to pester his teachers, regardless of background or family income.

The really lovely thing was that it never mattered – I was never a “bursary boy”, I was just a City boy. I got to do all the things I hadn’t even realised I’d love – I became an avid science student, took part in debating competitions, and edited the school newspaper for two years. I was so happy, and I think that’s something everyone deserves a shot at.

I sometimes think about whether Zak a decade ago would like who I am now, and I’m certain that my time at City played an instrumental role in making the answer a resounding yes. I think this School produces people with decency and dignity, people who know how lucky they were to get such a great education and don’t feel a shred of entitlement for it.

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