City of London School and Me

Arguably, the most impressive aspect of my time at CLS may be the vast array of trips that I have gone on. I have been fortunate enough to see first-hand the rich history of Rome and its many monuments, while also being able to marvel at the complex engineering behind the LHC in Geneva. All of these were experiences that broadened my understanding of the world and allowed me to get to know many other cultures. I am very grateful that I was not only permitted but even encouraged to pursue my passions in whatever form they may have taken, and that teachers were always willing to help and give up their own free time.

I was able to take part in numerous sporting and musical events, as well as competitions such as the Schools’ Challenge Quiz, and I feel great pride in having been chosen to represent the School on these occasions. I have had the opportunity to be involved in several different clubs, with the highlight being solving cryptic crosswords with Mr Allwright on Tuesday lunchtimes. Despite all these activities, my fondest memories of my time at CLS have all come from just being with friends. From playing card games before school to taking a few liberties during science practicals, the best parts of school have certainly been all the friendships I have made, and I hope to keep these for many years to come. One thing that I find particularly remarkable about CLS is how approachable the members of staff are. It was very rare for a day to go by where I did not give a high five to one of the cleaners, or stop and have a chat with a teacher, even if they no longer taught me. I consider this to be one of the reasons why CLS is such a welcoming environment for everyone.

Marcel recieved a bursary to join City of London School, he has since gone on to study at Imperial College London.

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